A brief history of Cleganebowl, Game of Thrones' best fan theory

She’s met on the steps by the ousted ex-Maester Qyburn and a towering, silent giant — Ser Robert Strong, whom she names her champion for her upcoming trial by combat against the High Sparrow and the Faith of the Seven.

Fans theorized (and the show confirmed, at least for its own version of the story) that “Ser Robert” was the zombie-corpse of The Mountain, preserved and reanimated by Qyburn following Gregor’s poisoning by Oberyn Martell.

The resurrected Mountain never fights for her in single combat — instead, she solves the problem of the Faith Militant by nuking the entire High Sept with wildfire.

Part of it is how Cleganebowl theories came together: fans picked up on the clues Martin scattered throughout the books, filtered it through the show’s added lore, then blew it up into countless memes.

It’s Game of Thrones fandom writ in microcosm, with all the ridiculous prophecies, backstories, revenge plots, and theories rolled into a single, easy-to-shout catchphrase.

Because it was fun to see two of the show’s most lethal characters try to destroy each other, after spending so much time watching their separate paths: one of murder, bloodshed, and horror, and one of a sort of semi-redemption on the way to getting the ending he apparently wanted.

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