[2019 MSI] TL CoreJJ: "While we're at it, we're going to push for the trophy. Whoever comes to face us, we'll give them a ...

On the 17th, at the first semifinals match of the 2019 MSI, Team Liquid had their fans jump out of their seats by defeating the world champions, IG, with a score of 3-1.

TL CoreJJ was a reliable support that made just the right plays in about every situation throughout the series.

CoreJJ further added that he told his teammates, 'we are the better team' before arriving at the stadium to invigorate them before the match.

(Laughs) Lux was a champion that saw play during the NA LCS Finals."

CoreJJ then made predictions for the SKT vs. G2 semifinals match.

"SKT is a powerful team, and they were on a good streak near the end of the group stage," he said.

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