Wendy Williams Divorce -- What Will It Mean For Her Financial Empire?

A strong, confidentiality clause and a global settlement figure to finalize the case are the only two things that will most likely happen in that divorce.

Atighechi: If the case were to be litigated and since New York is a fault state, then the issue of her husband's adultery and having a child with another woman could definitely be grounds to divide the estate in favor of Wendy Williams.

Those future royalties or endorsements could vest after a divorce but the contract was entered into during marriage potentially making it all community property.

Williams loves her big baubles, what they are worth today versus what they cost will likely be a contentious issue when dividing their assets.

You can only do that with a prenup that is uniquely tailored to that client with every word being contemplated when you have a high asset estate to deal with because those cases are complex and require more crafting.

If I had to guess, I think it is safe to assume Wendy Williams will continue to be the bigger earner in this pair, at least as long as her show is on the air.

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