VIDEO: Tracy McGrady Thinks Paul George Has a Torn Labrum

Paul George might say that he's all fine, but anyone who saw the ​Thunder lose to the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1 of their ​playoff series saw that PG13 is nowhere near 100 percent.

This has led to some speculation over how bad George's shoulder injury is, and Tracy McGrady believes that the Thunder star has a torn labrum.

Regardless of the exact nature of George's injury, the Thunder plan on deploying their star forward.

Despite George appearing with an ice bag on his shoulder, he asserted that he isn't hurt and is ready to go.

​​Not sure if we believe him, considering he claimed not to be able to lift his arms over his head less than one week ago, but we will certainly find out on Tuesday night.

If Oklahoma City wants any hope at taking down Portland, George needs to shoulder some of the offensive responsibility, and make it so that Russell Westbrook doesn't have to put all the weight on his back.

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