Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level by Leander Kahney review — it's not all happy in Silicon valley

There are some awkward facts hidden in this first biography of Apple’s Tim Cook

Head man: an image of Tim Cook on an iPhoneALAMYThe Sunday Times, April 14 2019, 12:01am

His book makes Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, sound like God himself.

Cook is the most high-profile gay CEO in the world, yet Kahney says: “While researching this book, I didn’t pry into his personal life at all.

Cook keeps his private life private, and I’m happy to respect that.” Imagine anyone writing a biography of Steve Jobs, Cook’s fiery predecessor, without discussing his tortured family life .

Cook “emphasises kindness, collaboration and honesty”, Kahney says, and…

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