Golden State Warriors

This Rockets-Warriors series rules

The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are well on their way to giving fans one of the best second-round NBA playoff series ever.

If you’re here for hoops ingenuity, awe-inspiring talent, exhausting action or even simply, hilarious theatrics, the Rockets and Warriors have every genre covered.

Game 1 saw a narrow 104-100 Warriors win in controversial fashion as the referees missed a number of fouls on three-point attempts, most of which were fired by the Rockets.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni admitted postgame that referees told him at halftime that they’d missed calls.

With foul calls taking the spotlight, the talking point for NBA fans has already been established, and it’s perfect.

The series sporting all of the faces we’ve watched grow into their celebrity selves could, once again, shape how the NBA looks a year from now.

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