The trade talk surrounding Russell Wilson and the Seahawks is ridiculous

It seems like every hour there’s another article extolling the compelling reasons Team A is the perfect trade partner to take Russell Wilson off the Seahawks hands.

While they may be entertaining, they are all rooted in reality about as deeply as Shazam or Captain Marvel, depending on your comics allegiance.

I’ll take Wilson’s pronouncement that he wants to be in Seattle as having a bit more weight than random talk from people who just want to generate some buzz.

There are some key points that seem to be overlooked every time another article comes out about how the Giants are a great trade partner , or how any of the 10 teams listed here should go after Wilson.

Another major obstacle is the fact that the current collective bargaining agreement (or CBA) between the NFL and the Players Association, only runs through 2021.

Any team that trades for Wilson will face all of these difficulties, with none of the goodwill built up over seven years with the organization that didn’t think he was too short to be an NFL quarterback.

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