The Red Line Review: An Off-Brand Series for CBS That Lacks Direction

From the get-go, the new Noah Wyle-fronted drama appears to be the network raising the middle finger to audiences who have taken issue with the lack of diversity in its other shows.

It takes viewers on a journey to how it affects the doctor's husband, Daniel (Wyle), and their daughter Jira (Aliyah Royale).

Tia Young (Emayatzy Corinealdi), Jira's birth mother's storyline, in particular, feels disjointed from the rest of the show.

Jira's motives for finding her birth mother are definitely warranted, and I like the story it tells about Daniel feeling inadequate as he tries to keep his daughter all to himself.

At one point, I questioned whether the creative forces examined EVERY single CBS show to write characters who have not been represented by the network in the past.

That's not a necessarily negative, but for a show that jumps off with white police officer shooting a black man, it should have more focus on that storyline and not dwell on the ones that have little to do with the overarching plot.

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