Chicago Cubs

The pride of the Cubs

This came after the league investigated allegations of domestic abuse made by his ex-wife, Melisa Reidy, in a blog post last September.

The Cubs had the opportunity to part ways with their starting shortstop by non-tendering him, as he is not yet eligible for free agency, but didn’t.

Doing so would’ve helped them from a PR perspective in two ways in that they spent the entire offseason insisting that they couldn’t sign any free agents because the team was out of money .

They’re acknowledging that something bad happened, yet they’re trying to force the culture to move on and in doing so, they’re actually invalidating the pain of the entire experience.

The loudest fans want players to face more consequences from their team for not running out a grounder than for what he does to his wife off the field.

Articles about Addison Russell’s very recent and relevant history of domestic violence are going to be treated like someone’s out to sabotage the Cubs’ stock price.

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