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The most important tech boom designers are ignoring

Even with this ubiquity, voice interactions have stayed relatively confined to a few core use cases, such as search, playing music, and the smart home.

[Source Image: Nobi_Prizue/iStock] When kicking off a project involving a visual interface, a designer’s first stop is usually a blank whiteboard to sketch out some initial rough concepts of the user experience.

Creating and sharing something interactive, that a user or stakeholder can actually use, is an invaluable way to get early feedback before moving on to the costly step of development.

Inspired by “the man behind the curtain” in the original movie, WoZ can start with the simple step of having two people sit across from each other at a table, one serving as the user and the other role-playing as the voice interface.

Not surprisingly, technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and even Facebook frequently have voice design positions on their job boards.

Mark joined Adobe through the acquisition of the company he founded, Sayspring, which offers a design and prototyping platform for voice interfaces.

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