The explosively popular game 'Apex Legends' is struggling with its explosive popularity

More players, more problems — that's the long and short of the growing pains experienced by 2019's biggest game, " Apex Legends ."

As someone who's played "Apex Legends" nearly every day since launch, I've encountered an inordinate amount of bugs.

It is an inopportune time for a crash, to say the least, as it also potentially ruins a match for my teammates who are suddenly outnumbered.

But those bugs are causing another, bigger problem for "Apex Legends": A lack of regular content updates to the game.

"And we're going to put the focus back on those quality of life issues and make sure everything's perfect before we start to build more content."

In so many words: As the team at Respawn focus on fixing bugs, they're forced to pause working on new content that could help keep players invested.

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