The Chargers are going back to powder blue uniforms, but not back to San Diego

April 17 at 1:21 AMThe Los Angeles Chargers took advantage of a slow period in the NFL to drop some major news Tuesday, at least to those interested in uniform design.

After years of fruitless stadium negotiations with San Diego officials, the Chargers announced after an awkward 2016 season in that city that they would take the option and move to Los Angeles.

With the new stadium not expected to be ready until the 2020 season, the Rams have been playing in venerable Memorial Coliseum, while the Chargers have made a temporary home in a venue built for professional soccer.

Despite that, the Chargers have had enormous difficulty in filling it with their own fans, as many have refused to come up north from San Diego while Angelenos have been slow to embrace the team, resulting in home games full of raucous cheering for opponents.

Thus the return of the much-beloved and long-awaited powder blues appeared, to some on Monday, as a desperation move by Chargers owner Dean Spanos to drum up some interest in and enthusiasm for his team.

It’s just that, for some of them, those recollections were of an NFL fan base that spent years dealing with frustration before suddenly having to cope with the fact that it didn’t have a team anymore, in any uniform color.

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