The 5 Hearthstone cards that will define this weeks World Championships

The players competing have studied the Rise of Shadows meta as much as possible in Preparation (pun unavoidable) for this tournament and class distribution statistics tell a clear story of consensus: Rogue, Warrior and Warlock decks are king.

Waggle Pick is part of a long history of Hearthstone weapons that prove incredibly powerful thanks to their ability to deal tons of damage efficiently.

Its Deathrattle ability is already incredibly powerful when paired with other Rogue cards, creating burst damage scenarios that, without a doubt, define the entire meta.

When Zoo deck starts the game with an explosive board state, it's almost always thanks to a key Grim Rally that buffs a horde of small minions into more threatening ones.

The RNG aspect of this card compels its inclusion of luck-based highlight reels, but that also means smartly playing around different Conjurer's Calling outcomes becomes a unique way for professionals to edge out a percentage or so.

It is the ultimate Hail Mary that allows Hunter decks who may have run out of steam one last play to win the game or at least bring things back to parity.

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