Sixers fans should play the villain and boo Jared Dudley relentlessly in Game 5

Joel Embiid may have called Jared Dudley "a nobody" after this past weekend's Sixers win against the Nets, but he's certainly somebody to Philly fans.

Dudley, who looks more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy than an NBA combo forward, played his role perfectly on Saturday: he instigated a fight and got one of the Sixers' star players in Jimmy Butler ejected from the game alongside him.

The national sports media circuit predictably came out flaming against the Philly faithful after Game 1, creating a referendum on the merits of fans booing their own teams' players.

When Dudley steps off that bus from Brooklyn, he should have the same fear in his eyes as Jaime Lannister did when he saw Bran Stark from across the Winterfell courtyard.

Have the arena shaking like Patrick Robinson just took a Case Keenum interception back to the house if Simmons yams a dunk right on his shiny, bald head.

If the city of Philadelphia had an unparalleled period of peace for the next five decades, in which a boo never left a fan's lips at a sporting event, it would not matter in the eyes of the world.

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