Sammi Cheng worked out with Jacqueline Wong, called her 'BB' in video taken last year

In one of the biggest scandals to rock the Hong Kong entertainment scene, Andy Hui was caught cheating on his wife of five years, Sammi Cheng, with TVB actress, Jacqueline Wong.

The viral video was posted yesterday (April 17) and showed the pair at the back of a taxi getting intimate by holding hands, hugging, and kissing.

The video was also accompanied by a caption with Sammi referring to Jacqueline as "BB", a term of endearment.

Since news of the scandal broke, Sammi has yet to provide a response and it's understood that she has been busy preparing for her concert in July.

Photo: Facebook / Sammi Cheng According to reports by Hong Kong media, sources close to Sammi expressed their concern that this distressing news might trigger her depression ; especially after she made an Instagram post detailing her feelings on the preparations for her upcoming concert.

Kenneth has yet to publicly address the scandal but his last update on social media yesterday (April 16) prior to the news breaking showed that he was busy filming.

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