Rare eclipse of Saturn will be visible in parts of New Zealand

MetService meteorologist Amy Rossiter told Stuff there's "quite a bit of cloud building up" around the country, thanks to a general westerly flow.

Auckland is currently experiencing some cloud and showers, but Wellington has clear skies at the moment and it "should stay that way for the rest of the night".

Heading to the South Island, the chance of seeing the eclipse from Christchurch is being hindered by low clouds, which could potentially turn into fog.

However, Dunedin is shaping up to be an ideal place to see the rare event with mostly clear skies and only a few high clouds, "nothing too significant to hinder any views".

For those eager to see the eclipse, the Dunedin Astronomical Society advised on Facebook, "find a nice dark place where you can easily see the moon (and fairly bright 'dot' close by, which is Saturn) and take a pair of binos [binoculars] or a small scope".

From 12.30am, Saturn will be eclipsed by the moon - called a lunar occultation - making an incredible sight for various parts of the country.

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