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OnePlus is working on a TV, not planning to launch a foldable phone anytime soon: Report

According to a report by , OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that folding screens do have potential, but not in phones, not with the current technology.

Pete Lau went to Milan to speak with students at the European Institute of Design.

With the current technology, the curvature of the screen that folds is too wide and therefore the thickness is excessive.

AdvertisingHe said that it will take time for the technology to develop to the point where we get to fold the screen like a sheet of paper without damaging it or marking it.

OnePlus CEO also talked about the internet of things (IoT) saying that within ten years we will have an era where everything will be connected.

He said that OnePlus will build office products for the cloud-connected era, combined with advancements in 5G and AI.

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