'Game of Thrones': 10 critical details to remember during the final season

Petyr Baelish can't just tell Sweet Robin that some men die on the privy without a toilet-bound Tywin Lannister getting two arrows to the gut a few episodes later.

However, a LOT has happened, and you'd be forgiven if somewhere between the Red Wedding and Margaery Tyrell becoming green mist, the section of your brain devoted to Game of Thrones deep cuts got a little overloaded.

So, settle in to your favourite knobbly tree, let your eyes roll back in your head and let's journey through time and space to revisit 10 critical details that may or may not play a part in the final season -- but will be good to remember anyway.

In case you needed a clue that this story wasn't JUST about games and thrones, after all, the very first scene of Season 1, Episode 1 ends with a very cryptic arrangement of dead bodies, executed by the very murder snowmen we've come to know and fear.

And the spirals are back in Season 7, Episode 4 when Jon shows Daenerys cave paintings of the White Walkers that feature the mysterious shapes.

There is a heart tree (a special weirwood with a carved face) still at Winterfell, and under its branches, a ridiculous amount of important stuff has happened, most recently several reunions of the Stark children and the tragic, ill-fated marriage of Sansa and Ramsay Bolton.

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