Nintendo Labo VR Kit sold out at multiple retailers

A combination of more excitement from fans and a more cautious approach to supply has lead to Nintendo Labo's VR Kit being extremely tough to find.

People all over the internet are sharing stories of multiple retailers being completely sold out.

Especially when you considered how much Toy-Con Kits 1-3 were severely discounted, it shouldnt be a surprise that everyone's playing it safe this time around.

It’s the Big N having lower expectations due to prior experience (i.e. the previous kits) that they didn’t want to be stuck with inventory.

But it is clearly based off data compiled from other labo kits and not a "we will only make 100 of these" mentality.

I don’t think so either, it’s mainly retailers wanting nothing to do with it after seeing the last three kits collect dust on shelves over the last year.

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