NBA Playoffs 2019: Damian Lillard is the NBA's greatest show, and what he did to the Thunder will go down in history

"Yeah, but realistically there are only a handful of players in the league you actually worry about taking that shot," Stotts told CBS Sports.

Now listen, I'm not out here trying to get all crazy and start proclaiming Lillard to be the equal of Steph Curry, but he ain't far off.

When he's playing, you better get to a TV and get the women and children somewhere safe, because this dude is coming to burn the house down.

Heck, the NBA players -- you know, the guys who supposedly "really know the game" -- voted Derrick Rose ahead of Lillard on the All-Star ballot this year.

But on this night, Westbrook actually played a pretty good floor game and even answered a few -- a FEW -- of Lillard's shots.

I literally fell on the floor in my house and started rolling around laughing when he hit that shot.

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