Mozilla brings Python data science to the browser

Mozilla’s experimental Pyodide project is bringing a Python data science stack to the web browser, by compiling it to WebAssembly .

The impetus behind Pyodide is that JavaScript, the language of the browser, does not have a mature suite of data science libraries.

Mozilla would like to see the JavaScript data science ecosystem move forward, but bringing a mature Python scientific stack to the browser will be useful in the meantime.

Pyodide uses Emscripten to compile the standard Python interpreter, CPython , and scientific computing packages, such a NumPy, to WebAssembly binary format , which runs alongside JavaScript in the web browser.

While these files can be large, the packages only have to be downloaded once, whereupon they are stored in the browser cache.

Paul Krill is an editor at large at InfoWorld, whose coverage focuses on application development.

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