Meet Black Hole Powehi, The Embellished Dark Source Of Unending Creation

The cosmic object was named Powehi, which also means "adorned fathomless dark creation," in the Hawaiian language.

It combines two Hawaiian words — "Po," which means a profound dark source of unending creation, and "wehi" or "honored with embellishments."

"To have the privilege of giving a Hawaiian name to the very first scientific confirmation of a black hole is very meaningful to me," said Kimura.

According to Jessica Dempsey, deputy director of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, the name that Kimura gave to the black hole fits the scientific explanation about Event Horizon's project to capture an image of the supermassive black hole that is 55 million light-years away from Earth.

While Powehi has not yet received official approval, Christensen said a very nice name has been proposed to the black hole.

Various IAU working groups normally handle the process of naming celestial objects, and their decisions primarily affect the professional astronomers.

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