Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart's workouts, but not his timetable, increase

His return from a torn oblique muscle was pegged at four-to-six weeks at the time of the injury on April 7, with Sunday’s Game 4 win over Indiana falling on the two-week mark.

He was spotted on the balcony over the Auerbach Center floor Tuesday, jogging on a treadmill as teammates wrapped up practice.

Stevens, who wasn’t aware of Smart’s treadmill work until he stepped into the media scrum, would only say that he hears the guard is making “good progress.”

He returned earlier than expected from thumb surgery for Game 5 in last year’s first round, and was largely responsible for flipping the series.

Belying the Celtics’ sweep over Indiana, the physical nature of the series was a good conditioner for what is about to follow against Milwaukee.

Gordon Hayward’s team-high 20 points in Game 4 against the Pacers is further proof that the Celtics forward has hit stride just in time for the playoffs.

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