London Marathon runners given seaweed tablets of energy drink to reduce plastic bottle use

London Marathon runners will be handed seaweed tablets containing energy drink to cut down on plastic waste.

Tens of thousands of the seaweed capsules will be handed out to competitors at the London Marathon as part of efforts to reduce the vast amount of waste left following the event.

This year, organisers are trialling a range of innovations and measures aimed at cutting plastic use and reducing waste .

The event will see the largest ever trial of Ooho seaweed edible and biodegradable capsules, more than 30,000 of which will be handed out at the 23rd mile.

Following the 2018 marathon, Tory MP Pauline Latham criticised the sight of discarded bottles “dozens deep along the streets”.

As well as efforts to cut the number of bottles in use, organisers are testing ways of recycling them more effectively.

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