Intel buys FPGA provider Omnitek

Omnitek's IP is used in applications with heavy visual processing requirements, such as video conferencing, projection and display, medical vision systems, and more.

"Omnitek's technology is a great complement to our FPGA business," said Dan McNamara, senior vice president of the programmable solutions group at Intel, in a statement.

Together, we will deliver leading FPGA solutions for video, vision, and AI inferencing applications on Intel FPGAs and speed time-to-market for our existing customers while winning new ones."

The chip giant's 2015 acquisition of Altera marked its most significant purchase in the space and largely served as the basis for Intel's programmable solutions business division.

FPGA devices play an increasingly critical role, often complementing other processing architectures, and Intel is at the center of this revolution," said Omnitek CEO Roger Fawcett in a statement.

"Omnitek is excited and extremely proud to bring our intellectual property and engineers to join the talented team in the Intel's Programmable Solutions Group."

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