Cincinnati Bengals

How the Cincinnati Bengals attacked the QB draft, Andy Dalton's future

But the due diligence factor is nearly impossible to hide from the voracious appetite for information not only of the NFL world, but the Big Draft media tracking every team, prospect and agent’s move.

They view him as the quarterback who led them to a 5-3 start and numerous game-winning drives last year despite at the time literally the worst defense in NFL history.

They look at two years boggled by the Ken Zampese situation sandwiching a 2015 season where he spent time in the MVP conversation before injuring his thumb.

When mock drafts and rumors circulate the Bengals are looking hard at a quarterback in the first round, there are conversations assuring everyone is on the same page with the club’s thought process.

Paxton Lynch (2016, 26) Blake Bortles (2014, 3) Johnny Manziel (2014, 22) EJ Manuel (2013, 16) Ryan Tannehill (2012, 8) Brandon Weeden (2012, 22) Jake Locker (2011, 8) Blaine Gabbert (2011, 10) Christian Ponder (2011, 12) Tim Tebow, (2010, 25) Mark Sanchez (2009, 5) Josh Freeman (2009, 17) Brady Quinn (2007, 22) Vince Young (2006, 3) Matt Leinart (2006, 10)

This is risky business and going in on a first-round quarterback creates a firestorm surrounding the current QB when specifically talking about Dalton’s uncertain future with the club.

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