Google clears up AMP's confusing URLs by hiding

Google has improved its AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages to make URLs simpler and less confusing.

that preserved the original URL on AMP pages, which was available in a developer preview for Chrome 71, and is now being rolled out more widely .

The answer to the AMP URL problem are "signed exchanges", which allow a publisher's domain to be displayed in the browser address bar, even though the content is loaded from Google's cache when a user clicks on an AMP link in Google Search results.

"A signed exchange is a file format, defined in the , that allows the browser to trust a document as if it belongs to your ," .

Cloudflare is also and has made what it calls "AMP Real URL" available for free to all its customers.

The change should be a win for e-commerce business and publishers who, for branding reasons, would prefer to see their own domain up front in the address bar.

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