Good Vibes comes to Taunton, selling CBD products

That’s because the CBD product being sold in the small shop called Good Vibes Wellness Center contain such minute amounts, if any at all, of the marijuana-based psychoactive compound THC that there’s virtually no chance of a person becoming intoxicated.

A number of convenience stores in the region stock product that ostensibly contain and are infused with cannabidiol, or CBD, which is one of more than 100 different cannabinoids produced by marijuana plants.

And although hemp is devoid of THC, it does contain CBD — which can be sold in oral-drop form; infused into edible items such as gummies, lip balm, candy and cookies; applied as a cream to the skin; or used in e-pens and vapes.

Co-owner Ruth Lacouture, 70, said she was motivated to go into the CBD business after her husband, who was not able to receive chemotherapy as result of having lost a kidney, died in 2017 of pancreatic cancer.

Even before passage of a federal farm bill in 2018 designating hemp as an agricultural crop, products labeled as CBD were becoming available in local convenience stores.

Lacouture acknowledges that parking on the block can be challenging, which is why he’ll inquire whether the city might eliminate a no-parking sign indicating a loading zone, which he says is never used for that purpose.

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