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Golden Knights fans, military veterans, renew marriage vows before Game 3

"Then by the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, it's my happy privilege to pronounce that you are still husband and wife," Mills said.

The Golden Knights reached out to the Little Church of the West, a wedding chapel about a mile down the Strip, which provided Mills and Milos the Mini Elvis.

The ceremonies were on a platform on a Golden Knights truck surrounded by vendors, face-painters, DJs, performers and more.

They came to Las Vegas on their holiday break and tied the knot in their Class A uniforms in a small ceremony at the Chapel of Love.

They got into the Golden Knights, who happen to be owned by West Point alumnus Bill Foley, at least in part for how they responded to the mass shooting on the Strip on Oct. 1, 2017, and bonded the community.

LAS VEGAS -- The couple held hands, looked into each other's eyes and shared a tender moment, as the crowd gathered and the music blasted in the background at Toshiba Plaza before the Vegas Golden Knights played the San Jose Sharks in Game 3 of the Western Conference First Round at T-Mobile Arena on Sunday.

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