For $70K, Sony Builds a 98-inch, 8K OLED TV for the Ruling Classes

Organic light emitting diodes — OLEDs — are another technology developed by Kodak that didn’t keep the company from shrinking to a tenth of its peak size.

OLEDs emit their own light and beat liquid-crystal display (LCD) TVs for brightness, contrast ratio, darker dark areas of the picture, and refresh rate.

LCD TVs require the light from cold cathode fluorescent lamps or LEDs to illuminate the liquid crystals.

Sony also makes traditional 4K HDR TVs , including an 85-inch X850G for $3,500, a 75-inch X800G 4K TV for $2,000, and a 65-inch model for $1,200 — the last less than your annual cable bill in many cases.

In the 1960s-1970s, TVs emitted what we now know were unsafe levels of radiation, and even after that, if you sat too close, with standard def you’d discern individual pixels.

In fact, every one of the top 31 players at the Masters — down to Bryson DeChambeau, Charley Hoffman, and Louis Oosthuizen tied for 29th and took home $78,200 each — could afford the big Sony with that one check.

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