Florida prosecutors say effort by Robert Kraft legal team to prevent spa video release could backfire

In a letter and subpoenas, the defense demands that the 26 people bring their case files with them and come to Palm Beach County courthouse Friday, where Kraft’s lawyers will argue Jupiter police illegally obtained a “sneak and peak” warrant when they installed surveillance cameras at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

Prosecutors wrote that the defense tactic was the legal equivalent of participating in discovery — which under Florida law and court rules automatically leads to the public release of evidence in criminal cases — and they asked a judge to reach the same conclusion.

Aronberg’s office has now acknowledged that they did not find any evidence that sex trafficking was taking place at the Orchids of Asia spa.

Kraft and other men facing similar charges also are pushing for a protective order in a separate, civil court proceeding where The Boston Globe and other media outlets are pressing for their release under Florida’s expansive public records laws.

Judge Leonard Hanser is considering that issue following a public hearing he oversaw earlier this month where one of Kraft’s lawyers, William Burck, described the video as “basically pornography.”

The battle between Kraft and prosecutors over the surveillance videos is also playing out in the prosecutions of the alleged owner of the spa, Hua Zhang, and the manager, Lei Wang.

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