ExpressVPN Review 2019: Great Service, But What's the Drawback?

On one side are big businesses, governments, and hackers, all of whom want to invade your privacy , steal your personal information, and control what you can do online.

The only thing you normally need to do is click the big power button in the middle of the Client window to connect to or disconnect from the ExpressVPN network.

This gives you the benefits of the ExpressVPN network (thousands of servers, private DNS, hiding your real IP Address from the streaming service) without the overhead of encrypting the connection .

In March of 2019, ExpressVPN was one of 10 VPN services that were contacted by Roscomnadzor , the Russian government agency responsible for censoring Internet access.

According to this post , ExpressVPN (and 5 other of the targeted services) immediately removed all its physical servers from Russia and announced that it will continue to serve Russian customers but will not comply with the government demands.

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