Everything Is Not Awesome For Chinese Company Busted For Selling Fake Legos

The toy company Lepin was raided by Chinese authorities in Shenzhen, China last week for allegedly manufacturing fake Lego products.

Chinese authorities raided Lepin's factory located in Shenzhen, China last week after discovering it was allegedly manufacturing fake Lego products.

According to the BBC, images posted by Chinese authorities after the raid showed products that looked nearly identical to those produced by the Danish toy giant, Lego.

Zhong Shikai, one of the police officers responsible for investigating the case, told the state-run news agency Xinhua that there are big differences in the craftsmanship and quality when comparing the two.

Lego China and Asia Pacific's vice president Robin Smith said the products could pose a safety concern for consumers, Xinhua reported .

The AFP reports the raid was a move by China to double down on intellectual property infringements, possibly in an attempt to ease trade tensions with Washington.

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