Don't stop him now: Adam Lambert returns to 'American Idol' to mentor Queen Night

Ten years ago, on American Idol Season 8, Adam Lambert first entered the audition room, and America’s living rooms, belting Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Three months later, he lost the Idol title to Kris Allen, but after he and Kris joined Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor for a spectacular performance of “We Will Rock You”/“We Are the Champions” on that the season’s splashy finale, he obviously emerged the true long-term winner.

Adam did a fantastic job at imparting his knowledge, giving specific and actionable advice that elevated some performances, particularly Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s and Laine Hardy’s.

Wade Cota’s own awkward attempt at the unprophetically titled “We Are the Champions” was more cringeworthy than that time that Brian May and Ace Young sparred on the Season 5 se t, for instance.

Walker’s song choice, the finger-snapping rockabilly romp “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” suited his Richie Cunningham malt-shop vibe, but his corny performance lacked swagger; I don’t think either Freddie Mercury or Leather Tuscadero would’ve approved, and clearly neither did America’s voters.

As for Alyssa, who almost went home last week, it probably didn’t bode well for her that host Ryan Seacrest forgot all about her and announced that there was “one more performance to go!” when actually there were actually two more upcoming Queen numbers, including hers.

Lionel Richie called her “the epitome of determination,” but her try-hard Rachel Berry affectations still annoyed — especially when she attempted to stall the judges for time, before the commercial break, to extend her voting window.

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