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Detroit Lions 2019 NFL Draft prospect: LSU LB Devin White

Now, in this subpackage league, they need to be able to cover tight ends and spilling running backs, spy mobile quarterbacks, read and stretch out misdirection.

But he currently isn’t the same controlled player as Smith, and for all the tackles he racked up at LSU, these are the plays he leaves on the field, and they can become big ones against lethal quarterbacks.

He wasn’t challenged as much in this area as his reps would suggest, but he reads pass quickly, shifts to his spot in short time and has his head on a swivel.

White should make for a very solid middle linebacker in the league, preferably behind some gap-eating defensive tackles who limit the number of climbing guards he has to shed.

The fact that one can blitz and the other can cover helps, and it would really lock down the sidelines after Damon “Snacks” Harrison and A’Shawn Robinson clog the middle.

It’d be hard not to find a good use for White in any defense, but you won’t unlock the full capabilities without making him the centerpiece -- and the same was supposedly the idea behind drafting Davis, too.

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