New Jersey

Dazzling Meteor Spotted Soaring Over DC Area

Hundreds of people in the Mid-Atlantic and New England reported they looked up on Tuesday night and saw a meteor hurtling through the skies.

Steve Chazin was driving from Virginia's Dulles Airport on Route 50 when his dashcam caught the sight: an illuminated orb flying through the skies, surrounded by a glow and backed by a tail.

Witnesses wrote to the American Meteor Society's report line about their rare chance to see such a stunning sight.

Meteors hurtle into the earth's atmosphere at speeds around 110,000 mph, Storm Team4 Meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts says.

Although cloudy skies will obscure the view through the weekend, things should clear out on April 22, around when the shower comes to a peak.

You'd be lucky to see something as bright as Tuesday's meteor, especially since the moon will be nearing full in a waning gibbous stage.

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