PlayStation 4

Days Gone is a lavishly produced, painfully generic PS4 zombie game

Coming out of Sony’s Bend Studio, the team behind the early PlayStation action series Syphon Filter , Days Gone has a lot in common with the aforementioned blockbuster games.

It’s huge and beautiful, with an impeccable attention to visual detail; everything from falling snowflakes to blood-spattered spiked bats to the actual human characters has just the right weight and sheen to it.

Once you dig in a bit, there’s actually a lot going on in Days Gone ’s story: Deacon’s quest to find out what really happened to his girlfriend, a government conspiracy concerning the zombies, and the various surviving human factions figuring out how to coexist, and largely failing.

Aside from a few more personal storylines — particularly one involving a young girl who Deacon “rescues” and then struggles to find her place in this terrible new world — I couldn’t summon much interest in either the characters or what they were doing.

I loved the way individual story beats were presented as distinct threads so that you always knew what mission to follow next, and the game makes great use of ambient dialogue to highlight things in the world you might otherwise miss.

But if Watch Dogs 2 is any indication , it’s also the kind of experience that could potentially be redeemed with a sequel — hopefully one that finds a better way to stand out among the sprawling horde of zombie fiction.

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