Complete NWA Crockett Cup Results (4/27/19): Three New Champions Are Crowned

WINNERS: Royce Isaacs & Tom Latimer win the Wild Card Battle Royal to enter the final spot in the Crockett Cup tournament.

Crimson gets his knee slammed into the ring post as Royce Isaacs puts his feet on the rope as he school boys for the W.

Midnight Express alum Sweet Stan Lane, Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton are introduced by Caprice Coleman.

Latimer uses power to get advantage on Gordon before Flip tags in Bandido who kicks Isaacs down and escapes an attack before hitting a deadlift suplex.

Cornette mentions how Cabana has been making an effort to put his nose to the wrestling grindstone with less focus on entertaining.

Scurll slaps Aldis that charges the champ up, but then spits in his face to gain advantage and hits a tornado DDT.

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