Golden State Warriors

Bob Myers identifies 'the best part' of Andrew Bogut rejoining Warriors

In light of DeMarcus Cousins tearing his quad in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs against the Clippers, Bogut's late addition is looking like a shrud move.

"He's a necessity right now," Warriors general manager Bob Myers told NBC Sports Bay Area's Greg Papa during Pregame Live on Wednesday night.

"When Damian Jones got hurt, I got on the plane, I think I was on the trip or the next one, and whether it was Draymond or Kerr, somebody grabbed me and kinda said 'What about Bogut?'"

And it's fascinating,because that decision, we can always find who to give credit to, but it was almost an organizational thing where the players were saying it, Kerr was open to it and our front office, obviously Larry Harris went out and saw him."

The Warriors signed Kevin Durant and needed to clear contracts to accommodate his money, so Bogut was sent to the Dallas Mavericks .

In another trying season full of drama and free agency rumors, Myers appreciates the clear mind Bogut has brought to the Warriors.

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