'The Blacklist' recap: The death and birth of Raymond Reddington

You gave us a riveting, emotional episode full of flashbacks and perfect casting on younger versions of current characters, not to mention a truly inspired choice to have Gabriel Mann play a young, fake, semi-Russian James Spader…

Because as convincing as Dom’s Fraymond Freddington origin story was (somewhat), and as engaging as Gabriel Mann was somehow able to make a brand new character (extremely), there has to be a reason Red isn’t telling Liz who he was before he took on the identity of Raymond Reddington.

Maybe that’s because it’s a salacious romp through the notoriously shady world of audio-podcasting that is a wild time, sure, but not exactly as long-lasting in the ol’ noggin once you see Elizabeth Keen show up at her maternal grandfather’s doorstep.

But the twist is that the kid who went to jail for it because he was the only person connected to all the victims, Tobias Carlisle, is getting a retrial because a former classmate of his, Kimberly Owens started a true crime podcast called “THAW” that uncovered not only a number of missteps in his original trial, but a valid alternative suspect…

She has consistently had the worst plans possible to find said truth, but she didn’t ask for Raymond Reddington to come out of the shadows and to turn her life upside down six years ago.

When Red finally makes his decision to forgive Dembe and shows up at his house to—well, nothing short of confess his unconditional love for him, I really thought he was about to give the full Sex and the City “ maybe we could be each other’s soulmates” treatment.

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