Best Shots Reviews: THANOS #1, STAR TREK - YEAR FIVE #1

Instead, Howard takes the time to set up the events that will lead to Thanos finding his adopted daughter and explains part of the reason why a character so obsessed with death doesn’t just kill her outright.

Though (and maybe this is a function of Gamora’s memory in retelling this story) the Mad Titan himself doesn’t seem to be quite the imposing figure that we know him to be, especially considering some of Olivetti’s clothing choices for him, including a white deep V-neck t-shirt with a kind of cowl neck scarf collar.

Thanos #1 suffers from taking a bit too much time setting things up and repeating story beats in order to drive them home rather than pushing forward with the narrative but it’s not a bad comic by any stretch.

Shepherded by a full writer’s room, one that includes the team handling this debut, as well as Jody Houser, Jim McCann, and Brandon Easton, this new series looks to tell the “untold tales” that took place during the final year of the U.S.S.

Though I worry that the pair’s canny references to previous “missions” from the original series might be a bit too inside baseball for casual readers, this first issue is an objectively solid opening Trek story.

Armed with bright, cinematic artwork and a beating heart armored in great characterization, this opening issue delivers all the fun, thrills, and science fiction intrigue of Star Trek .

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