Apple vs. Qualcomm: Everything you need to know

On Tuesday, opening arguments from Apple and Qualcomm will begin in a federal court in San Diego.

Beginning in 2011, Apple sold iPhones with Qualcomm chips inside that powered the device's connection to cellular networks.

In January 2017, Apple filed its complaint against Qualcomm, asking the courts to reduce the royalty rates, and to pay the $1 billion it owed.

Qualcomm fired back with lawsuits of its own , alleging that Apple was in breach of contract for not paying royalties, and for working with Intel.

The judge on the FTC case has not yet made a ruling, although she has told Qualcomm that it has to license its patents to other chipmakers — which it had refused to do before.

Just as it did with 3G and 4G, Qualcomm holds key patents related to the mobile chip technology that will allow smartphones to connect to 5G networks.

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