Anthem Delays A Lot Of Anticipated Content

Writing on Reddit , the developer announced seven planned releases have been delayed, including the major Cataclysm event.

While we have been quiet publicly, we have been hard at work in the background and we wanted to provide an update on the state of the game," BioWare said.

BioWare has supported Anthem with bug fixes and additional changes ( including the new 1.1.0 update that's out now ) that help "point us in the right direction for the future."

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For example, the Cataclysm event is a "big focus," and BioWare said it sees it as an "important addition to the game."

There are so many factors that can cause us to pivot on our plans--whether it’s bugs & stability issues, player feedback, or complications with a feature that require us to take more time to deliver it," it said.

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