All Destiny 2 Revelry Eververse Items: Ghosts, Ships, Armor, and More

Tuesday marked the beginning of the Destiny 2 Revelry event, and it brought some new content for players to enjoy along with it.

For fans that are looking to easily view the full extent of these new cosmetics, the images below cover the entirety of the Eververse items added with Destiny 2 ‘s latest event.

Opinions on this array of Destiny 2 Revelry cosmetics are certain to vary per item, and per player.

These opinions can be seen voiced on community forums such as Reddit, where fans seem generally pleased with elements such as the cape on the Hunter’s armor and disappointed with things like the addition of yet another green and yellow shader as well as a majority of the new Ghost shells.

However, the item that seems to be causing the most confusion within the player base is the new Ghost projection that depicts a wedge of cheese.

Indeed, Destiny 2 Reveler’s Tonic , which can be used to temporarily reduce cooldown times on grenades, melee, and class abilities, maybe the Revelry item that most players are currently interested in, alongside the Arbalest exotic rifle.

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