'GTA 6' Latest Update: Set Era, Location And More

With tons of questions and speculations flooding the internet on the "GTA 6" update and release, fans are now into divided opinions on the Grand Theft Auto 6 real score and existence.

With Rockstar remaining mum after announcing the possibility of a "GTA 5" successor, the public is left to follow the company's pattern of operation to guess the game's time period as well as the location.

However, there is a risk of GTA long time followers trying to stick to the classic setting Grand Theft Auto they loved.

One possibility arising is that "GTA 6" will take advantage of today's technology to make a huge entry to the next generation of the game console.

As for the release date , an anonymous European developer recently stated that "GTA 6" will be launched during the holiday season of 2020.

Rockstar still has not confirmed or denied anything about the Grand Theft Auto 6 time period, setting and release date.

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