50 Cent Is Beefing With Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent and Randall Emmett

Today in dramas you never thought were possible, 50 Cent has launched a full-on social-media assault on his fellow Power producers Randall Emmett.

The main site of attack, however, is on Emmett’s fiancée and Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent.

50 posted a clip from VPR where Kent brags that she got a very nice automobile after letting Emmett “hit it” on their first date.

Kent came back with some emoji of her own, while plugging Pump Rules (“Monday’s at 9/8C, only by @bravotv”) and also claiming that she “got the strap [frisky-kitty emoji].” Emmett has gone private on IG, but 50 is posting text-message screenshots where someone he claims is ( sic ) “Randell” is begging (again, sic ) “fofty” to please stop cyberbullying him because he is going to the emergency room for stress.

Jackson also said there’s no difference between “Randell” and Harvey Weinstein, which prompted Lala to vlog her objections .

It was 50 who once allegedly bought entire rows of tickets to a Ja Rule concert so the show would look empty.

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