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Wii U physical version of Axiom Verge finally gets release, dev begins lawsuit against publisher

They had no reason to do this in such a roundabout way, they could've just paid Happ more, unless it was intended as a good PR move, which it clearly wasn't as they didn't hold their end of the bargain.

The whole case is very weird, they look like complete assholes and it baffles me why they would even withhold funds - it's a large bulk sum, but if they paid it on time it's not that much money for a publisher.

I hope a judge can clear all of this up and I feel bad for Happ and Adelman, they're small-time developers and the money they claim they're owed would make a big difference in their life, especially in the case of Mr.Happ.

I guess this will be a lesson for the future - if a contract seems fishy or too good to be true, it probably isn't true.Ah, so they've effectively shut their doors and re-opened as a new company due to monetary issues caused by one of their lenders.

All I'm saying is that I see two very different stories about how this went down, and one of them seems more plausible than the other - I would like to think that this wasn't caused by malice and rather by a difficult situation that was unexpected and needed to take priority.

That's a major reason lawsuits do exist--it's not enough for each individual to argue their own position to justify their action without consideration of their implicit or explicit obligations to others.

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