To reach Big Ten Tournament final, Michigan will have to beat Minnesota for a third time

"Growing up, I was raised on, 'It's hard to beat a team three times in a row,'" said the sophomore forward when asked about Saturday's game against Minnesota.

Michigan beat Iowa 74-53 late Thursday night to advance to the Big Ten Tournament semifinals, where the Wolverines will face Minnesota.

(If the “hard to beat a team three times” thinking comes from the NFL, it’s unclear why, as it doesn’t hold water in football either .)

The Gophers got a slight head start, having defeated Purdue in the first game of Friday's evening session.

"He was the outlier today, which we needed," Zavier Simpson said, using one of Beilein's favorite terms this time of year.

Michigan will take any basket it can get against a Minnesota team coming off its best game of the season in the eyes of its coach.

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