Thomas the Tank Engine invades Resident Evil 2 in latest mod

That never happened in the original!Not only has Mr. X been reduced to wandering around Racoon City in a thong but a new PC mod has turned him into a creepy steam engine.

The Division 2 open beta impressions – when it starts and what it is Until relatively recently it was still commonplace for Japanese publishers not to release their games on PC – some, such as Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III, still don’t make the jump.

Japanese companies can get very upset about that kind of thing, but Capcom seems to have been remarkedly tolerant so far – even after someone turned Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 into Thomas the Tank Engine.

There’s a long history of adding Thomas to PC versions of games, that stretches back at least as far as Skyrim, but as modder ZombieAli admits, ‘I don’t know why I made this’.

There have also been more serious mods, including ones which replicate the fixed camera angles of the original Resident Evil 2 and another which adds a first person view.

Neither works perfectly, since the game was never designed for those viewpoints, but they’re an interesting glimpse of what could’ve been, and something Capcom is never likely to offer an official version of.

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