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This Week In Games: Devil's Still Alive

There's a ton of carving up amongst the blockbuster games for March, and first cab off the rank: Devil May Cry 5 , which looked excellent at Gamescom when we saw it last.

Along with that is Left Alive , a survival action shooter from Square Enix starring a ton of mechs and Metal Gear Solid alumni devs.

There's a new Kirby for the 3DS this week, as well as a couple of Aussie indies in Assault Android Cactus and Objects In Space .

We'll start proceedings with the RTS of the group, Eugen's Eastern Front WW2 title, Steel Division 2 .

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Scorbunny, one of the starter Pokémon for the newly announced Pokémon Sword and Shield, is a sweet lil bunny, and I love him.

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